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Asset Class Location Date Apply
Ms Excel Proficiency
  • Present Value, Feature Value , Number of Periods, Rate of Discounting, Amount of Installment
  • Net Present Value for cash flows with equal and unequal intervals.
  • Internal Rate of return for cash flows with equal and unequal intervals.
From 16th October 2PM to 4 PM or 4.15 PM to 6.15 pm Apply here For CEP October, 2020
Challenges of Valuation under INDAS
  • Challenges of financial instruments
  • Challenges under global uncertainty
IVS 2017 vs IVS 2020
  • Significantmodifications in IVS2020
  • Valuation of non-current liabilities
Key Aspects of Valuation of Convertible instruments
  • Approaches and methodology for proffered stocks/convertible instrument valuation
  • Challenges of convertible instruments
Valuation of intangible Assets
  • Approaches and Methodologies
  • Case studies and examples